A ninety minute review of the
# 1 Wall Street Journal best selling book


The art and science of getting things done
By Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan

The review of Execution will give you essential insights into how to...
Stretch, but never accept a knighthood
without a horse
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Communicategoals and priorities simply and clearly

Get realism from your people - Engage in a relentless pursuit of reality

Lead more effectively through better knowing yourself, your people and your business

Insure that people are in the right places

Build up peoplewho are struggling

Hold people accountable - follow through in a way that guarantees execution

Foster the type of robust dialogues that make strategy an dprogress reviews vigorous and effective

Link strategy to operations and make it everone's business

Build a culture of execution

OGI and award-winning presenter and consultant, Ed Warnock, are presenting a book from the "Leaders Essential Library" - Execution, by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan.
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If you haven't read Execution, this lunch should be high on your priority list. In ninety minures, learn essential principles that will make you a more effective leader.

If you have read Execution, come for a review with other business leaders and make sure you are implementing these vital principles.
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